You might not consider it, but your carpet is by far the dirtiest surface in your house. You probably walk across the carpet with your shoes on, tracking dirt, bacteria, and grime from outside, darkening your carpet. Pets and children also make messes; spilling things, coating your home with allergens and hair, and possibly creating odours from urine and food.


We Clean Carpet ForPrice
one room£19 per carpet
Rugs£12 each

Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are a lot of carpet cleaning services around, but not all of them really care about your problems. We respond in a timely fashion at practically any time, dealing with practically any mess with expert training and quality cleaning materials and cleansers. We always use the most eco-friendly chemicals or sanitizing materials we can, doing our part to help keep the planet healthy and clean.


We’re also skilled and tactful. We don’t ask unnecessary questions, and we understand that messes happen. We spot test our work to see how we can help you, ensuring that we pick and choose cleaners that completely remove stains and revitalize your carpets. We can even add spill guard chemicals that prevent stains from setting in and ruining your valuable area rugs.


Washly Carpet Cleaning offers full range of upholstery cleaning services to clients in Fulham and the surrounding West London boroughs. Our technicians are fully vetted, certified and work with powerful steam cleaning machines. They can work with any type of natural and synthetic fabrics and upholstery, no matter the size or condition. Book your sofa cleaning right now and get 50% off!


Our Washly Cleaning professional service specializes in Professional Upholstery Cleaning London and reinstating of the previous look and beauty of your upholstered furniture. Washly Cleaning London is a family company that is delivering Deep Steam Upholstery Cleaning services to numerous citizens in Greater London since 2018. We have included those professional services due to the high demand and many enquirers we have been receiving from our customers.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices List

Upholstery And Leather FurniturePrice
Two-seater sofa£20
Three-seater sofa£30
Corner sofa£40

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